An easy-to-use web based system which collates all of your student absence data on one convenient dashboard. eNotify enables you to efficiently monitor and follow up absences and also to analyse statistics and trends

eNotify can also be used with our app which allows students to notify the college and relevant staff members of absence at the push of a button

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Mobile App

Android, iOS and Windows mobile app that students can download. The app connects automatically to the college data, and enables the student to press a button to notify the college.


eNotify collates statistics about the notifications and displays them in a live dashboard, enabling the analysis of notifications types and trends.


Detailed notification screen lists all the notifications that have been received on a selected date.  They can be filtered, add notes and view more detailed information.

AWON (Absent without notification)

eNotify links with your register system to show students who are absent and have not notified the college.

Features of eNotify


  • Staff see information immediately via web-based software
  • Staff can easily search for students and raise notifications on their behalf
  • AWON interrogates registers to show learners who have not notified and are not present
  • A dashboard pulls together student absence data
  • Works as a standalone application or as an additional module to eTrackr-ilp
  • Integrates with all MIS databases to pull through student details
  • Easy-to-use mobile phone application for use by students

Benefits of eNotify


  • Ensures teaching staff know who will be absent, late or leaving early at the beginning of their lessons
  • Improves safeguarding through the more efficient sharing of information
  • Allows the college to easily identify persistent absentees and target resources accordingly
  • Cuts administrative burden of absence reporting, therefore saving money for the college
  • AWON allows staff to quickly follow up learners not in class who have not notified of their absence
  • Easy-to-use mobile phone application encourages students to report absence promptly

Sharing Information


At the start of lessons, do teachers know which students are authorised absent & who will turn up late?


Improve safeguarding by sharing information about absence & lateness in a more efficient way.


Does your organisation need to save money on its administrative costs?


eNotify is a brand new product which will revolutionise the way student absence information is reported and shared with staff, making sure everyone gets the message exactly when they need it.



eNotify Brochure

What our customers say

eNotify has been hugely beneficial to Newcastle College. eNotify is a really simple and efficient system, which enables relevant members of staff to instantly receive notification of student absence. When we first purchased eNotify we used it as a standalone product which was great, however since then we have used it in conjunction with eTrackr and the integration is fantastic – we are now able to access all our absence data directly from eTrackr, which is really handy.

Rachel Gibson Head of Central Support Service Newcastle College

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